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Adding Free to Grow CFO has been instrumental to the business and on a personal level. They add a level of certainty when it comes to making business decisions that are a complete necessity as you scale from a small founder who does everything to a healthy growing business that doesn't need you every single minute of the day.  -- Evan K., Founder & CEO of Straight Up Growth

Scaling a Business is Full of Complicated Decisions

Without the financial intelligence you need to scale a business, it's easy to make the wrong decisions, and if you're not careful, bad decisions can cost you big time...
  • Your growth will stall
  • You'll run out of cash when you need it most
  • You'll have trouble retaining great talent
  • You'll lose sleep at night

You don't have to struggle through making difficult decisions alone.  Hire a Free to Grow CFO and get the financial insights you need to make fast, effective business decisions with confidence.

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Cash Strategy & Fundraising

Always have enough cash to achieve your growth goals!

Financial Statement Analysis

Understand and improve actual profit and cash flow performance!

Forecasting &

Model the future so you can make growth decisions with confidence!

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About Me

I've spent 10+ years successfully scaling high-growth businesses. After leading revenue growth of a DTC brand from $0 to 8-figures in just 4 years I Founded Free to Grow CFO with a vision of helping other  visionary founders escape the overwhelm of scaling a business. 

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