Jon Blair

Jon is the former CFO, COO, and founding team member of Guardian Bikes (a Mark Cuban Company).

At Guardian Bikes, a DTC kid's bike brand, he led revenue growth from $0 to 8-figures in just 4 years and raised over $15MM in debt and equity capital.

After scaling Guardian Bikes, Jon founded Free to Grow CFO with a mission to help visionary founders of DTC brands by delivering outsourced, part-time CFO services for fast-growing businesses that need a CFO, but can't yet afford the full-time salary.

All of Jon’s tools, techniques, and frameworks were crafted from his 10+ years of experience with successfully scaling high-growth businesses.

Jeff Lowenstein

Jeff was previously leading M&A efforts at ecommerce aggregator Boosted Commerce where he was the 5th employee. He built processes across M&A, finance and operations to support rapid growth from 0 to 30 brands under management in 2.5 years.

He previously co-founded and exited an app for Shopify merchants and spent time in the Strategic Finance departments of Etsy and Caesars Entertainment. Jeff holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

He’s worked with hundreds of brands over his career and founded Free To Grow because of his passion for supporting entrepreneurs and helping them succeed. The analytical and financial tools he has developed over the years are specifically crafted for the modern consumer brand.


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